Ministers night stay at Venkatapuram - An effort to buildup confidence

By Nehru.T May. 11, 2020, 08:30 pm IST
Ministers night stay at Venkatapuram - An effort to buildup confidence

First time in Indian history, the state government is taking utmost care towards public, where a major accident was broken last week. Generally state governments would announce some ex-gratia or provide some employment opportunity to the families of victims and try to close the issue and want to wipe out the gruesome incident from the minds of the people. The rulers naturally tour in the area and console for time being and hand over some money to the people , especially victims.

But no other state government sofar has supported the people living in entire locality. But the only Andhrapradesh headed by chief minister YS Jaganmohar reddy is working day and night for the people of RR Venkatapuram and surrounding villages, who are said to be the victims of gas leakage incident. The government has announced a good amount compensation to deceased families and to the people who are admitted at hospitals too.

Apart from all these support, he directed the four ministers K.Kannababu, Botcha Satyanarayana, Dharmana Prasada Rao and Avanthi Srinivasa Rao to stay in RR Venkatapuram along with the locals tonight. These four ministers would sleep in the village and give psychological boost up to the locals that there is nothing to worry. On the other side, the ministers have disbursed the financial assistance to the families of deceased Rs.1 Crore each. Any how the government of AP is taking such an innovative steps to maintain confidence among the public there.

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