Double standards

By Nov. 02, 2019, 10:16 am IST
Double standards

In the novel "PEMPUDU JANTHUVULU,"MR. KSY PATHANJALI has protested against the media's attitude to the role of the media in one character, saying, "In the world, there are banknotes,counterfeit notes, news papers and waste papers." regarding you(editor, publisher, printer) have been so well-informed about running the paper against such a thief. Writing in this context, my letter is a social responsibility.

After reading the main page of a daily newspaper today (November 1, 2019), I decided to write a letter-like essay, inspired by the writings of Pattanjali.

 Let's talk about two news.

1.Genco Agreement with Megha on the Polavaram Hydroelectric Center

2. Kalaalaku kallema(impostion of ban on media)? News with the main headline and a sub heading of A universal protest against Government order(G.O)

Let's get to the news first

The High Court has dismissed the injunction order preventing the handing over of the polavaram hydropower project work to the third party. The High Court dismissed the petition filed by the Nava yuga Company with a plea to instruct the government not to hand over the deeds to the third party. Meanwhile, the High Court has issued interim injunction ordering the stay of the petition.

In the wake of the High Court's imposition of the same project on August 22, the court ruled in favor of the Nava yuga Company.Regarding this Andhra jyothi published an article let's have a look on it

The news of the hop page with the banner heading "nothing to be reversed', Under the sub-heading to cancel the contract under the bullet points" polavaram pai sarkarku kudaradanna High Court" that it was a setback, surrounding critical comments on  re-tender notification of suspension,government and Genco , it was signed by Genco, not the government, including all the power to cancel, adding that the interim order of the High Court counsel pertinent article goes on attacking govt stand... 

Andhra Jyothi, in that article also published that Jagan Sarkar suffered a blow in the reverse of the Polavaram Hydroelectric Project contract and the High Court had made it clear that the power to revoke the contract was not strong. The high court has issued an order suspending the orders issued by AP Genco by canceling the hydropower project contract undertaken by the leading construction company called Nava yuga Company.It published on behalf of Opposition leader Chandrababu on the High Court Stage has been branded as "stupidly ahead" and filled the two-page news on the inside page.

Opposition leader Chandrababu criticized the govt stand in an article that the Govt had gone ahead without listening to  anything about it. He wondered what the government would say on this verdict. He was fiercely opposed to the madness of the lordship, and to the state of Shani. In the same news, the former Minister of Irrigation Devineni, Somireddi and TDP  spokesperson Anuradha Thanthiripadaru have come forward and demanded the resignation of Minister of Irrigation Anil Kumar. Andhra jyothi also published  an article 'what govt  to do now". In the wake of the High Court's breakthrough in the ruling of the Polarvaram constructions, it has been presented as government is in dilemma.

well done Andhra jyothi. Given the media's responsibility to give readers a good deal ... let them appreciate for a while that you are doing your duty effectively. Can you please see how you propagated the same High Court ruling yesterday on the same project?

News about the Genco deal with Megha on the Polavaram Hydroelectric Center.emphisising on the lifting of stay by mid day and signing the contract by over night in main edition with no scope for hearing on Nava yuga petition.Meanwhile in inside page it published reluctantly regarding lifting of stay on polavaram..

In the case of Jagan Government judgment in the court of justice, your madness that has just sky high? Why don't you come up with the news and the truth to the people fearlessly?

Now let's talk about the second news.

kalaalaku kallema(Imposition ban on media)? Andhrajyothi has published a short story, a universal protest against the ban on media  under the heading. Jagan Sarkar 2430 has issued a new G.O, titled 'Jagan Sarkar 2430', in order to create more and more cases of unfounded and false news that could damage the prestige. A protest campaign by opposition parties, journalist fraternity demanding the withdrawal of the G.O was reported as a news conference.

Andhrajyothi also wrote a wonderful editorial  On the same context. Here are some of the key points of the editorial.

The government's attempt is to keep every journalist in fear and media institutions in fear. This is not only  say that it is exclusively for media outlets that stand in the public domain and question the government's unethical and abusive actions. Listening to the public is the number one task of the press. In a time of increasing democratic consciousness among the people, it is strange that the rulers who have to increase the transparency of the regime by issuing secret G.O's on the other side, try to sway the media. The damage done to democratic systems is ultimately to harm themselves. It would be nice if the government's spiritual advisers said that such dictatorial tendencies were useless and that the people will not tolerate these acts..

It is shame that  Andhrajyoti editorial take it's favourable stand and publishes according to its whims by ignoring the public interest in the Polavaram project and  Nava yuga context, it was a one-sided. Because, as they say, the democratic consciousness of the people is growing. No news is out of ignorance for anyone's efforts. Do you think that you have the freedom to publish any news with your favourable headlines?

In this context, I will mention one of the things from pempudu janthuvulu novel

It is advisable that You can stop your news paper for a week and print out your counter fiet notes." A thief who relies on Political leaders and burglars will be uprooted. If social and cultural contamination is sustained for a week, the people life span and tranquility will increase. ”

Written more than forty years ago, these novels are highliting the plight of today's media. Isn't it fair to say that today's yellow media is a real estate not the Fourth Estate?

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