Lockdown helps a lot !!

By Nehru.T Apr. 05, 2020, 10:36 am IST
Lockdown helps a lot !!

Of course the entire world including the most advanced countries are also shivering with Covid-19 . The nation's like USA, Spain, Sweden, France, Britain are also fighting with the virus and so far around a million people are being infected . Even Andhra Pradesh also registered 226 positive cases by Sunday and thousands of suspected people are quaraitained either at homes or hospitals. As of now Nellore is on top with 34 cases and Guntur is in second place with 30 cases.

But the two backward districts can be said as a safe places in entire Andhra Pradesh as there are not even a single positive case is reported. The districts Srikakulam and Vizianagaram are renowned for backwardness and poverty. But these two districts have no corona positive cases so far. Actually the announcement made by Prime minister Narendra Modi to lockdown the entire nation has caused for zero cases in these two districts.

Generally thousands of migrant labour from.these both districts go to other districts and even other states in searching of job and good. Agriculture labour of these two district go to Godaavari districts and Guntur, Krishna and Hyderabad, Chennai, Erode , Coimbatore. The workers go these along with their entire family members to work with fishing hatcheries, poultry forms and at textile mills. They come to their native districts hardly once or twice in a year.

But due to this sudden lockdown all the migrant workers are stranded in those areas where they are working. They are not in a position to reach here and could not carry the infection and even virus to here. The district administration has identifies some of the people who reached here with som any struggle from.Rajahmundry and Visakhapatnam by walk are placed under quarantine and controlled the spreading of virus. Any how the both districts became safe areas in the state.

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