Kuna Ravi again losts his control

By Nehru.T May. 25, 2020, 08:22 pm IST
Kuna Ravi again losts his control

Scolds tahasildar of Pondur

Kuna Ravi Kumar, former MLA of Amadalavalasa constituency in Srikakulam district and WHIP of the previous TDP government seems to be feeling that still TDP is in ruling. He is popularly known for everybody in Andhra pradesh for his loose tongue and to attack any officer with his un constitutional, rude language. Previously he was arrested by the government for the same cause. He threatened the MPDO and EOPRD of Sarubujjili mandal of Srikakulam district.

A telephone conversation between the Tahasildar and Kuna Ravi kumar is surfaced in social media. As pe the audio tape, he scolded the Tahasildar of Pondur namely Ramakrishna for seizing some sand vehicles. Actually some illegal sand mining is being happening at Pondur and some other mandals in that area. Ramakrishna, Tahasildar has seized the tractors, excavators and lorries, which are being used for that activity and handed over the vehicles to local police station.

Actually those vehicles and machinery belong to the brother and henchmen of Kuna Ravi kumar. As per the procedure the Tahasildar has seized the vehicles and handed over them to police. Later Kuna called the tahasildar and scolded in unexplainable manner. ‘Unless you release the tractors, I would compliant to collector and say that you are demanding bribe. If you want bribe, ask me how much you want. Ten thousand ? One lakh or more.’ He threatened.

Later Tahasildar stated that Ravi kumar has belittled him and used the worst language, which hurt him. It seems that Ravi Kumar is still maintaining his upper hand and threatening the officers .

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