KIA Motors to invest $ 54 million in AP

By Gopal.T May. 28, 2020, 08:03 pm IST
KIA Motors to invest $ 54 million in AP

The Brainstorming (Our Governacne , Your Suggestion) on Industries has turned out to be a great success with KIA Motors announcing a further investment of 54 million dollars.

This was announced during the interactive session by the KIA (IN) CEO and MD, Kookhyun Shim who stated that they would further invest an amount of $ 54 million (Rs 409 crores) in the SUV manufacture unit.
Earlier, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy had a dig at the previous TDP government and its friendly media which had fanned out false propaganda recently that KIA was moving out of the State.

The previous government armed with a section of its friendly media has mastered the art of spreading lies and canards and manoeuvering the facts. When the Outreach Programme is going on, there was propaganda blast that KIA Motors is moving out of Andhra Pradesh. I was shocked as to why should they go away. What did we do to whisk them away. But the Managing Director Kim had tweeted and gave a press release denying those stories in a section of media and stood ground stating that they are not moving away but are working together with the proactive Andhra Pradesh Government.

The announcement of further investment of $ 54 million strengthens the bond between the automobile major and the State Government.
The pervious government, along with its propaganda blitz has created the impression that 20 lakh crores of investments have poured into the State creating employment to 40 lakhs people and it has put the State on top of the list in Ease of Doing Business (EoDB). When we took over the office we could understand what their EoDB was. They had Rs 4,000 crore pending bills towards industrial incentives and Rs 968 cores dues to MSMEs. They did not pay Rs 20,000 cores to DISCOMs by stopping to pay the bills for last 14 months of their tenure. The EoDB continued further with annul trips to Davos, foreign jaunts on a regular basis and kept the propaganda machinery active to constantly drill the lies. That was their style of EoDB.

During 2014-19 MSMEs were in a bad shape and we have allocated Rs 968 cores to revitalize them. In the first installment Rs 450 crores were released and the rest will be given soon. Kadapa Steel Plant is coming up with an investment of Rs 15,000 cores and we are looking for interested parties to work in joint venture.

LG Polymers in an MNC of good reputation but there was an accident recently. Our government has reached out to the affected people and carried our evacuation and hospitalization programme and within ten days we have paid Rs 1 core compensation to the kin of deceased and such a speed was never shown before by any government. We have given the affected people also a good package. An inquiry committee was constituted and another one from the Centre has also done its study. Based on these we would ask the management the questions and take their version. Otherwise industrialists would be scared if we take harsh steps as being asked many people. We are also asking the locals about their grievances which would be included in the Committee Report.We will bring in a legislation for Pollution Control.
I think this is Ease of Doing Business, he said.

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