Kejriwal to win again in Delhi

By Nehru.T Feb. 04, 2020, 06:01 pm IST
Kejriwal to win again in Delhi

AAP to get 54-60 seats and BJP to win 10-14

Though the big wigs of BJP is working hard to win the capital Delhi it seems that the people’s pulse is again in favor of the present government. It seems that the BJP would performance would be very poor . Aravind Kejriwal is again capturing the Delhi crown in the elections to be held on 8 February and results would be on 11 February. As per the survey conducted by Times Now and I Pos. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is set to sweep the upcoming Delhi assembly elections with 54-60 of the union territory’s 70 seats. The poll also predicted a tally of 10-14 for the BJP and 0-2 for the Congress. The vote-share for the AAP, BJP and Congress will hover around 52 per cent, 34 per cent and 4 per cent, respectively, it said. A total of 54-60 will mark a fall for the AAP over its 2015 sweep of 67 seats.

In that election, the remaining three seats were won by the BJP, while the Congress got none. In terms of the vote share, AAP is predicted to win around 52 percent of the votes. The BJP would finish second with 34 percent votes. The Congress could secure about 4 percent votes, the opinion poll suggests. About 53 percent respondents said that they would put their faith in the current AAP government when it came to communal harmony whereas 33 percent trusted BJP for the same.

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