Judiciary system is politicized

By Nehru.T Sep. 17, 2020, 02:06 pm IST
Judiciary system is politicized

IJS should be the remedy for effective judiciary

Jayaprakash Narayan Says

Jayaprakash Narayan, a former civil servant opinioned that judiary system should be reviewed and the appointments and postings should be purely made on the basis of skill, performance and talent but not on the basis of political support. He expressed his opinions with a television channel and asserted that Indian judiciary service can be a remedy for strengthening judiciary system, which need to work with out any partiality. Jayaprakash Narayan stated that the political parties are involving even in judiciary system and appointing their henchmen, relatives expecting some favors in future. As a result even the law graduates without adequate knowledge over basic law norms and constitution and experience are being inducting into the system and reaching to the higher positions. This would be a damage for the democracy. The Union public service commission has been conducting the exam for selecting of civil servants but as of now it has not faced a single allegation on misappropriations during selection process. So if the Indian Judiciary service is brought for selecting judicial officers, it would be a great help for the society. Political parties are appointing their sympathizers as public prosecutors and than government pleaders and than judges too. Than they need to work as per the wishes of their god fathers(politicians). On the other-side the judiciary system is intruding into the duties of government formed by the support of the public and its taking more active role than required. All these should be corrected.’ JP says.

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