Jana Sena-BJP alliance is a death blow to TDP

By Gopal.T Jan. 16, 2020, 05:18 pm IST
Jana Sena-BJP alliance is a death blow to TDP

The Jana Sena and the BJP have formed an alliance for the State. The two parties will work together in the State, starting from the impending local body elections to the 2024 general elections.
Leaders of the two parties, who met in Vijayawada on Thursday, claimed that their target is 2024 general elections and they would be forming the government. The leaders further said that the two parties would be providing a third alternative to the people of the State.

The leaders sought to blame the TDP for its ‘failures and misdeeds’ in the last five years. They equally blamed the YSR Congress for its ‘dictatorial attitude and failures’ in the last seven months.
The leaders promised a successful, development-oriented, corruption-free and casteless politics in the State, as an alternative to the TDP and the YSR Congress.

Even as the leaders of the two parties were holding a joint meeting and later addressing the media, the political circles witnessed discussions around the reflections and results of this alliance.
It is for sure, both the Jana Sena and the BJP have targeted the TDP in the State. The BJP had already grabbed three MPs and several leaders from the TDP account and is set to take many more in the days to come.

The Jana Sena is taking away a major share of the vote bank from the TDP at the grassroots posing a big threat to the TDP.

Added to these developments, the aging problem of TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu and the incapable leadership of Lokesh, is weakening the TDP. A good number of the TDP leaders see no future for them in the party with Naidu’s age and Lokesh’s immaturity becoming disadvantage.

The only alternative now for these TDP leaders and the cadre is the either of the Jana Sena and the BJP, which would be working together. The more the alliance works harder in the state and becomes active in politics, the lesser are the days of the TDP for survival.

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