Jagan releases Rythu Bharosa amount for Rabi

By Gopal.T Oct. 27, 2020, 08:14 pm IST
Jagan releases Rythu Bharosa amount for Rabi

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy released the second installment of YSR Rythu Bharosa PM Kisan scheme benefiting over 50.47 lakh farmers who received the amount for the Rabi season directly into their bank accounts.

Despite the pandemic and other pressing issues, the Chief Minister has released nearly Rs 1,115 crore as the second installment of the scheme and with all reservoirs and rivers brimming up, we can expect a bountiful crop this season, he said while releasing the amount.

The promise which was included in the manifesto says that Rs 13,500 would be given in three installments ahead of khariff and rabi seasons with Rs 7,500 in May, Rs 4,000 in October and Rs 2,000 in January during the festival season.

While the first installment of Rs 7, 500 was released in May, Rs 2,000 was released in August itself of the second tranche and the remain Rs 2,000 was released on Tuesday. The tribals, who had received RoFR pattas on October 2, were given the sum of two incentive for the two seasons working out to Rs 11,500 ( Rs 7,500 and Rs 4,000) aggregating Rs 104 crores benefiting over one lakh tribals.

For the first time in the State, khariff input subsidy is being given in the same year and we are releasing Rs 135.7 crores benefiting 1.66 lakh farmers for the khariff season. This is an unprecedented move as at no point of time the subsidy was given during the same agriculture season.

The number of beneficiaries is being upgraded and stands at 50, 47,383 when compared to 46,69,375 beneficiaries in October 2019 and was 49,45,470 during May. The amount of Rs 1,114.87 core is released for the upgraded number of 50.47 lakh, he said. The total benefit to the farmers given in three phases works out to Rs 6,797 crore.

Towards crop damages due to floods in the months of June, July, August and September the State is paying Rs 135.73 lakhs to 1.66 lakh farmers who lost their crops. The enumeration for the loss of crops in October is going on and the amount will be paid in November.

As is the wont of TDP, as and when a welfare scheme is scheduled to be launched, the leaders surface to exhibit their theatrics and get in to print of their friendly media, which appears ridiculous.

Reiterating that the State is commitment for farmers’ welfare, the Chief Minister gave a detailed analysis of crop loss and compensation to the farmers. The crop loss of 2014 was not paid till 2017 January, 2015 khariff loss was not given till November 2016, and it always ran into the next year and for the year 2018 khariff, the previous government had defaulted. We have cleared their dues and decided that all dues on crop loss would be paid in the same agriculture season khariff or rabi. We have procured paddy worth Rs 15,000 crores during 2019-20.

The previous government has left dues of Rs 8,655 crores towards 14 month free power dues which we have cleared along with Rs 960 crores for paddy procurement, Rs 384 crores for subsidy on seeds, Rs 1,046 crores towards zero interest loans from 2014 which we have cleared.

We will increase the capacity of feeders for uninterrupted free power to farmers, paying crop insurance, setting up of 147 integrated labs at constituency level.

The state will stand by the farmers from sowing of seeds till the marketing as more than 70 per cent of farmers have small land holdings and the amount will be useful for starting agricultural operations. Before elections we have promised to give Rs 12,500 for four years but have increased it Rs 13,500 and for five years which works out to Rs 67,500. The benefit is given to farmers, tenant farmers, tribals cultivating land uner RoFR and those tilling assigned lands.

The State has set up Rythu Bharosa Kendrs 10,641 (RBKs) which will supply quality seed, fertilizer and advise them at every step and if need be will buy the produce as well. Paddy harvesters are placed RBKs in rice producing districts. The State has started YSR Jala Kala under which bore wells will drilling and motors fixed free of cost besides taking other measures.

Some of the beneficiaries who participated in the video conference hailed the Chief Minister for his welfare schemes and listed out the benefits they have attained under various schemes.

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