Jagan gives data to show welfare prominence

By Gopal.T May. 25, 2020, 10:19 pm IST
Jagan gives data to show welfare prominence

Backed with data of the number of beneficiaries and the amount paid towards various welfare schemes, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has proved once again that he is a man of action and does what he tells.

Giving the exact figures that were spent from June 2019 to May 20 this year, the Chief Minister said Rs 40, 139 crore was spent towards welfare to 3,57,51,612 beneficiaries.

Giving further break-up of the data, the Chief Minister said, BCs formed 1,78, 42,048 of the toal beneficiaries and they received Rs 19, 298 crores. RS 6,332 crores were received by 61, 26, 203 SC beneficiaries while Rs 2,108 crores was given to 18,39,451 ST beneficiaries. Minorities have got Rs 1,701 crores spread over 18, 61, 863 beneficiaries.

‘I proudly present this data,’ the Chief Minister said adding that Rs 10, 462 crores was spent on others numbering 77, 47, 889.
The data clearly shows the importance we have been giving to welfare, he said.

With brimming confidence we can send our manifesto to the people and ask them to vouch with colour coding as to what per cent of promises we have fulfilled, he said.

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