Is every move in AP, a conspiracy against Jagan?

By Gopal.T Jan. 09, 2021, 08:11 pm IST
Is every move in AP, a conspiracy against Jagan?

Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy had said a week ago that there is a greater conspiracy against the government. He was referring to the attacks on temples in the state and said that there was one incident around every scheme or programme that government launched. He said that the incidents took place either before or after the government launched a scheme or a programme. These incidents, according to him, were part of a greater conspiracy against the government to ensure that the message from the government is not gone to the people and the attention of people is diverted.
A few days later, chief secretary, Adityanath Das and Additional Director General of Police Ravi Shankar Ayyannar, said the series of incidents around temples, including desecration of idols, was part of a bigger conspiracy. The incidents, they said were well designed and highly motivated against the government.

Just a week after the state government launched the prestigious house site pattas distribution work in the state, the State Election Commission had come out issuing fresh notification for the Gram Panchayat elections. The State Election Commission had initiated the gram panchayat, zilla parishad and municipal elections in February-March 2020. However, taking covid 19 as reason, the State Election Commission had postponed these elections in the middle of March, though the entire process would have been over by the last week of March and though there were not many cases by then.
What happened after this unilateral decision of the State Election Commission is everybody’s knowledge! There was a prolonged but very costly judicial process, which cost heavily on the state exchequer. That is a different story.

But, what is to be suspected is that the State Election Commission issuing notification to resume just Gram Panchayat elections, leaving the municipal and zilla parishad elections. Though all these elections were postponed in March, one wonders what made the State Election Commission to restore just Gram Panchayat elections and ignore the two other polls!

The timing of the notification is also a point to believe what Jagan Mohan Reddy had said a week ago and what the chief secretary and ADG have said a couple of days ago. Is it also part of a conspiracy? Because the state government had launched the house site pattas distribution in the state. The government is giving house sites to 30 lakh families in the state, which is largest in the country after more than three decades. It was Indira Gandhi in the country and NTR in the state who have given house sites to the large number of families in 1980s. After that no government had taken up this issue in large scale except giving house sites here and there.

The government is now giving the house sites and the beneficiaries are celebrating it. There is jubilation across the state among the 30 lakh families. But, the State Election Commission’s decision to resume Gram Panchayat elections alone had come as a bigger news to subside the house sites distribution and cast shadow on the celebrations of the beneficiaries. Interestingly, though the scheme was launched much before the announcement of election schedule, the State Election Commission had sent a communication to the government asking it to stop the distribution of house sites and the subsequent celebrations by the beneficiaries.

Thus, the decision to resume Gram Panchayat elections and the orders to stop house sites distribution give justification to what chief minister, chief secretary and additional DGP have claimed – the bigger conspiracy against the government.

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