India supports Modis's lockdown

By iDream Post Apr. 15, 2020, 02:04 pm IST
India supports Modis's lockdown

71 % indians lauds lockdown

The nation, India is with Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India and supporting the decision taken by him to lock down India for the past three weeks. The nation feels that lock down is the best way to control the spreading of Corona virus.

Majority of them of the view that the response by India has been better than its western counterparts, a survey has revealed. As per the survey conducted by Neta App whoch received responses from 50,000 people, a majority of those surveyed feel that India enforced a lockdown before the situation worsened and expressed their support to an extension of the lockdown.

As per the survey , nearly 65% of 50,000 respondents said that India enforced the lockdown before the situation worsened that helped the government to prevent massive loss of life. Over 50,000 people of all ages from 23 states and Delhi-NCR took part in the survey carried out on April 11 and 12, two days before the 21-day nationwide lockdown was scheduled to end.

The survey said 68% citizens are satisfied with New Delhi’s response to the crisis. They said that Centre’s seriousness and preparedness in comparison to other countries minimised the risk of the spread in the world’s second-most populous nation.
While 65% people said that the lockdown was announced at the right time by the Centre, 35% respondents said that the government delayed in making a decision in this regard. It said 71% people are satisfied with the Modi government’s handling of the crisis while the remaining 29% said the government’s role was unsatisfactory.

A whopping 72% middle and 82% upper class income group people said that they are satisfied with the government’s response. Nealy 55% respondents said that they will support the government if the lockdown period is extended beyond April 14 while 45% said they are against extension of the lockdown.

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