How The Opposition Is Playing With Farmers

By Bharadwaj Jan. 29, 2020, 11:18 am IST
How The Opposition Is Playing With Farmers

It is known that the farmers have been agitating for the AP government's decision to have three capital zones. 

An observation says that these farmers and people were misled by the opposition party and made them:

- confused over the decision or 

- worried because of assuming that their bundle of desires are not getting fulfilled or

- bothered about missing the easy money. 

Let us get into the details. 

Back Story: 

It is known that an approx 35,000 acres of farming land was taken by the government from farmers for developing the capital Amaravathi by the previous government, with an agreement that the farmers will be paid seasonally on par with what they have been earning regularly. Apart from this, the agreement also says that they will be compensated with some residential and some commercial piece of land. 

Confusing farmers: 

The first confusion planted by the opposition groups is whether the present government will compensate for the lands on which the buildings and roads were already built. But the fact is whether the government is previous or present or future, it is liable to pay as per the agreement. But there is no body to explain this with clarity to the farmers amidst the roars and agitation provoked by the opposition. 

Luring and frightening the farmers:

The farmers were made build castles in the air by previous government saying that the compensation they get will be very huge as the market value would increase many times. But mere exchange of land cannot make the land prices shoot up, that too when the government controls the scenario. Above all, the government has no possibility to get equipped with such huge funds to compensate all the farmers of 35,000 acres. So, some farmers were made to agitate by luring them with utopian real estate desires and fearing them that those wouldn't be fulfilled if government gives back their agricultural land. Well, the farmers those belong to the lands (of about some 4000 acres) on which the buildings and roads were already built, will be compensated as per the agreement. The government ponders to give back the agricultural fields to the respective farmers to continue their cultivation as they are doing at present. But the opposotion frightened them mercilessly. 

Hinting easy-money to farmers:

Some farmers were made scapegoats by the opposition by making them bother for missing the easy money the government agreed to give seasonally. Farmers do work hard for every crop but they are always prone to natural calamities, adulterated pesticides, poor yielding and market prices. But irrespective of all these hardships they can earn the seasonal income as per the agreement. But that will no longer happen if the present government executes its 3 zone decision. Opposion has been pumping the farmers sayinh that getting back to fields, sacrificing all the assumed desires is not a wise thing". 

Keeping this aside, the farmers and people in Vizag and Kurnool are in merry, celebrating the growth of their region with the new trifurcation decision. 
- As told by an observer in Amaravati region

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