History repeated at Vizag airport

By Nehru.T Feb. 27, 2020, 06:00 pm IST
History repeated at Vizag airport

Babu forced to go back like Jagan did last time

TDP president is finally restricted at Vizag airport and forced him to go back to the place from where did he come. But the entire incident and consequences can be termed as the most unfavorable to the senior leader and he might have never experience such a hard day. The locals and some workers of YSRCP have hurled cheppals , eggs and tomatoes on him and demanded him to go back. Even the police also didn't allow him to continue Praja Chaitanya Yatra in Vizag and Vizianagaram districts.

We can resemble the incident what was experienced by YS Jagan mohan Reddy when he was in opposition two years back. He was obstructed at Vizag airport by the previous TDP government and he was forced to go back to Vijayawada. Now the leaders of opposition Chandrababu Naidu also faced the same incident and this we can say that history is being repeated but the persons are changed.

But then YS Jagan was not even allowed to come out of runway and enter into airport building but now Naidu was permitted to come out of airport but denied to continue the tour. YSRCP leaders, protestors stated that Naidu has no right to visit Visakhapatnam after opposing it as the executive capital.

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