Heavy police force deployed at Amaravati

By Nehru.T Jan. 20, 2020, 09:49 am IST
Heavy police force deployed at  Amaravati

The AP government has deployed a huge number of police personnel at Amaravathi area to curb the proposed TDP led avitations. Around eight SPs were deployed in the capital city region on Monday keeping in view the Assembly siege call given by the joint action committee.

The people of 29 villages hoisted black flags atop their houses and displayed save Amaravati slogans. The villagers are feeling like curfew like situation.

The police almost cordoned the Amaravati region and letting everyone only after thoroughly checking their identity. Meanwhile, the officials prepared two sets of convoy for the chief minister to make him safely reach the Assembly without any glitches. On the other side the leaders in districts are put under house arrest and none is allowed to reach Amaravati to participate in the agitation.

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