Rs.1,000 is a big help for poor families

By iDream Post Apr. 04, 2020, 07:42 pm IST
Rs.1,000 is a big help for poor families

Amid Corona caused lockdown period the government has extended its service to every poor family. The government volunteers have distributed Rs.1000 per each family which is below the poverty line. Of course in these days that Rs.1000 may be a small amount but during this curfew like season, the amount would be a big support to the families in towns and as well as rural areas.

All the small scale industries, especially unorganized sector is completely locked down. Automobile sheds, shopping malls, rice mills and even agriculture works also are completely stalled. The farmers are simply abandoning their crops like tomatoes and other vegetables in the farms and fields due to lack of market facility and they cant transport them to some other areas to sell. As a result, the agriculture farmers lost their work and income. Auto drivers, mechanics, construction workers including house maids also were locked in their homes for the past two weeks.

Now they are searching for food and depending upon the donors who give grains, pulses and other essential commodities. In such days the cash assistance rendered by the government can be said as a good help for such families. Apart from this the government is giving free ration for those families like rice, pulses, oil and others. Than they can manage their families with that ration and this financial support would be an added support for them. Around 1.3 Crores of BPL families are being benefitted under the scheme. Daily labor can avail this money and purchase vegetables or some other essential commodities for their family till lock down.

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