GN Rao defends report

By Gopal.T Jan. 29, 2020, 07:32 pm IST
GN Rao defends report

Dubbing the reports in the media about Visaskapatnam as an error in judgement of the core concept, GN Rao said that his Committee Report focused on decentralisation of development.
The news reports published in the newspapers stating that the GN Rao committee did not favour Visakhapatnam as capital is an error of judgement on media's part, GN Rao told media here on Wednesday.
The committee comprises experts who had almost forty years of experience in the profession and have come from various cities across the country, he said.
Mentioning the four zones recommended by the committee he said ‘the fundamental and the core basis of the recommendations is decentralized development across the state accompanied by decentralized model.’
‘A news item published in few newspapers has error in understanding the core concept of analysis of the committee,’ he said an added that the development constraints analyzed by the committee reports are only to caution the policymakers to ensure that the capital function shall be not in core areas of Visakhapatnam but northern part of Visakhapatnam city that is far away from the main city which is not by the side of seacoast.
The committee has recommended four zones that include 13 districts in the state. Visakhapatnam is the metropolitan city in the state and recommended capital city function at the metropolitan area that is away from the city and towards Vizianagaram.
He also said that the committee has recommended Visakhapatnam as executive capital as it was the best option.

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