Except goods, all trains cancelled till 31 March

By iDream Post Mar. 22, 2020, 07:15 pm IST
Except goods, all trains cancelled till 31 March

100 % refund on cancelation

Indian railways has taken bold decision to prevent the spreading of Corona virus. It has decided to cancel all the express, passenger trains till 31 March and only the goods, fright carrying vagans would be operated.

Around 12,000 trains will affected. Indian Railways operates around 9,000 passenger trains and 3,000 mail express services daily. "Trains which commenced journey before 4 am, Mar 22, to complete journey," the railways stated.

Indian Railways earlier announced to not charge any cancellation fee for the cancelled trains in the view of coronavirus pandemic. Train passengers will get 100% refund for these cancelled trains. Railways also eased refund rules for passengers who had booked tickets to travel between March 21 and April 15. Anyone can for apply for their refund till June 21.
At least 12 people who have been infected with the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 travelled in trains between March 13 and 16, the railways said today.

"Railways has found some cases of coronavirus infected passengers in trains which makes train travel risky. Avoid train travel as you may also get infected if your co-passenger has coronavirus. Postpone all journeys and keep yourself and your loved ones safe," the railways announced.

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