DyCM prepared food for destitute

By iDreamPost.com Apr. 18, 2020, 11:52 am IST
DyCM prepared food for destitute

Deputy chief minister P.Pushpa Srivani has been actively participating corona relates relief activities and keep on supervising the district administration and monitoring their activities.

She personally supported hundreds of poor and homeless so far. She distributed food grains, other essential commodities for around 1500 village volunteers in her Kurupam constituency. She distributed personal care material like sanitizers,marks, and grains to police department working in her constituency.

Apart from all these, on Friday she , along with her husband Pareekshit Raju, incharge of Araku Lok Sabha constituency prepared food for destitutes. The couple cut the vegetables ,prepared the food for around 200 homeless in her village and surroundings . The both have packed food in baskets and distributed to them directly.

The couple have been maintaining good relation with people of her constituency and even a lay man also can call her by phone and visit her. Now the both Srivani and Raju have diligently cooked food for the poor and packed it. Rice, dal, sambar, fruits were packed in baskets and distributed in the street. This has attracted the attention of public and on the other side the both appealed the cadre and leaders of YSRCP to support the poor and needy.

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