Devineni Avinash bidding adieu to TDP?

By Siva Racharla Nov. 13, 2019, 10:34 am IST
Devineni Avinash bidding adieu to TDP?

Devineni Avinash, the son of Devineni Nehru, who recently contested against Kodalinani from Gudivada cpnstituency in the last election, seems unavailable to party cadre for the last two days. Adding to his recent developments in switching the party, Avinash is not even seen  participating in the initiation arrangements of Chandrababu's dharna tomorrow in Vijayawada over the sand issue.

Devineni Nehru, a loyal disciple of Sr. NTR continued to be on his side during and after the Viceroy incident. After losing in 1996 elections from Vijayawada parliament, Nehru shifted his gears to Congress party as Laxmi parvati's party declined catching public pulse. Considering Avinash's political future, Keeping his old rivalry aside with babu, Nehru joined TDP after 2014 elections.

But despite all the efforts from Nehru, Devineni Avinash contesting from TDP lost to Kodali Nani from Gudivada constituency. All the social class leaders of the TDP have become financially supportive of Avinash, with the aim of their political rival defeating Kodali Nani. At certain point of time, voters of Gudiwada speculated that Nani cannot tolerate the money power of Avinash. Spending the highest for a vote in entire Krishna district, their plans did not work against the public backed-up Nani.

Vallbaneni Vamshi believed to be changing the party as per the speculations and his behaviour, TDP leaders requested Chandrababu naidu to consider changing the constituency leadership. Devineni Avinash is considered as the alternate source in the constituency. But at last Vamshi was offered Gannvaram ticket and Avinash was forcibly made to contest from Gudivada constituency. Gadde Rammohan won in 2019 from Vijayawada East and Gannavaram in 1994. Avinash requested babu to allocate Gannavaram ticket to Gadde Rammohan and East ticket to him. However, Chandrababu has been asked to give Gannavaram ticket at least since his neighborhood is within the Gannavaram constituency. It is of no coincidence that TDP only won those two constituencies withstanding the YSRCP wave, which avinash requested considering the strong hold of the parties in those constituencies.

Considering the other facts, Avinash doesnt seems to be politically active in recent times. Chandrababu was announced to be initiating dharna on sand shortage in Vijayawada on the 14th of this month but no shades of Avinash participating or initiating the dharna activities. Devineni Ramana, Baji Prasad, Pandu (three of whom died) and Kadiala Buchibabu, who were Nehru's right-handers, and acting as Avinash's political strategist requseting to shift the loyalties to YSRCP party.

YSRCP is even thinking of changing the leadership in East constituency, Avinash may think that he will not have a factional battle in the YCP as his long-time rival Vangaveeti Radha left the YCP before the election. His followers say Avinash will make a decision in a few hours. Will Avinash join the YCP or will it be pending as a dynasty? Despite Chnadrbabu's stress though he participates in dharna, it is assumed that Avinash may not continue for a long time in the party.

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