Corona positive DSP family shakes AP, TS

By iDream Post Mar. 27, 2020, 05:46 pm IST
Corona positive DSP family shakes AP, TS

Kothagudem DSP S M Ali and his son Awaz, who were tested positive for corona this week have extensively travelled in Telangana and AP states from March 15 to 22.

Awaz had come back to home town Kothagudem from London on March 15. His father, DSP who was very much on corona alert duty, kept his son at home for awhile and then travelled with him to some places in the two Telugu states, attending some family functions.

Both the DSP and his son were tested positive and were sent to the isolation wards in Warangal and Hyderabad.

As the father and son were sent to isolation ward for corona positive, the relatives got alerted and found that they met them at the family function at Raghavapuram village of West Godavari district in AP. They participated in a family function along with relatives and friends at Raghavapuram on March 22.
As the relatives fear the threat of the dreadful virus, they have approached the officials in West Godavari district, who conducted some tests and waiting for results.

Some of the relatives of the DSP family in Kandukur and Vemsoor villages of Khammam district in TS too have reportedly raised the alarm.

It is said that the relatives have met the DSP and his son at the Raghavapuram function and exchanged pleasantries as the son, Awaz, had come from London.

The DSP too was a special attraction at the family gathering as he wielded his power and was a hero for them.

Cursing the DSP, who allowed his son to spread the virus to him and others, the relatives are now reportedly running from pillar to post seeking help and fearing the attack of virus.

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