Corona affect on media

By iDream Post Mar. 24, 2020, 10:02 am IST
Corona affect on media

Gradually the deadly Corona virus is spreading its tentacles towards various sections. Already the Corona virus has influenced various section of people like automobile, software, confectionaries, textile and others. Now its going to badly affect the media also. The people are scaring of this Corona virus and came to know that news papers also can be worked as Corona carriers and they are causing of infecting others. As a result the subscribers of news papers are stopping the papers and informing the hawkers and paper boys to stop supplying paper till 31 March. As a result, the bundles of papers are remained undistributed at their shops.

Now the most of the news papers are thinking of to stop publishing the news papers. They are feeling its better to stop printing rather than keeping the bundles at their shops or door steps. Now the Andhra Bhoomi, which is in neck deep troubles and serious financial crisis has announced that it would be locked down till 31 March.

Actually the decades old Andhrabhumi is being financially supported by its parent organization Deccan Chronicle. Once the Deccan Chronicle popularly known as DC was number one English daily in entire South India. Even the national news papers like Times of India, The Hindu also could not cross the DC in circulation. But due to some wrong decisions taken by the management of the DC like purchasing Deccan Chargers for IPL cricket league have pushed the organization into crisis. Now the DC is in pathetic conditions and its not in a position to pay the salaries to its staff. Obviously the crisis of DC has badly affected the Andhra Bhoomi.

The both organizations are not in a position to pay the salaries and wages to their staff. As per insider source , they got their salaries in December and have been working for the past few months with out pay and waiting for the call from accounts department. Finally the Andhra Bhoomi has closed down and the management has informed their staff to not to file stories to its reporters and not to come to offices to its Desk staff. On the otherside the major media houses like TOI and The Hindu, Eenadu also reportedly thinking of to lock down till 31 March. Lets see, how the Corona will affect the business houses world wide.

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