Center to buy 5Lakh testing kits from Korea

By iDream Post Apr. 20, 2020, 07:36 pm IST
Center to buy 5Lakh testing kits from Korea

Center to follow the path of AP

Here is an another strong evidence on the accuracy and credibility of testing kits which were imported by the AP state government to control the spreading of Corona virus , the union government also ordered to get 5 lakh kits from the same nation.

The opposition leaders like Chandrababu Naidu and Kanna Laxminarayana of BJP are slinging mud on the government and even suspecting the performance and accuracy the kits which were imported from South Korea . But on Monday the government of India also decided to buy the same testing kits from South Korea. Interestingly the prime minister Narendra Modi spoke to the chief minister of Andhrapradesh on Covid related issues .

During the phone conversation Modi reportedly took AP CM’s feedback on the efficiency of the South Korean testing kits. Only recently, AP CM YS Jagan ensured the import of one lakh rapid testing kits from South Korea by a special flight into the state. The entire country took note of this timely and bold move by the AP chief minister, who has been constantly stressing on the need for early detection of the killer virus to pre-empt its spread in the state.
Now, following in the path of the AP government, the Central government has ordered the kits on a war-footing base And they would reach India by 30 Apil.

Now the so-called opposition leaders has to lose their mouths and see the decisions taken by the government and they lost their dignity by speaking like a lay man.

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