Botcha open letter to Ramoji

By Nehru.T Feb. 15, 2020, 04:43 pm IST
Botcha open letter to Ramoji

Demand for rejoinder on his speech

Senior minister Botcha Satyanarayan has fired over the media baron chairman of Eenadu, Ramoji Rao, who can be said as Raja Guru of Telugu Desam party . Botcha demanded to not to publish such rubbish news for their political benefits. On Saturday the minister for municipal administration and urban development Botcha Satyanarayana has written an open letter to Ramoji Rao and demanded to publish a rejoinder to a news item published in EENADU. He demanded to give clarity why did the news paper publish a news item with some words, which were not spoken by him. I spoke to media at Vizag on IT raids on Lokesh and his henchmen and I demanded to conduct complete, in deep in financial irregularities during TDP regime. But your yellow media house could not catch the main word and published a news article that I said ‘ If necessary we would join NDA’. Actually I didn’t speak such words. But it seems that you are worrying about your friend, well-wisher N Chandrababu Naidu and you are in the job of protecting those fellows and you didn’t bother about the financial irregularities and corruptions committed by them.

You never hide your rivalry on the family of YSR and his son Jagan Mohanreddy. It seems that you want to fix me in a corner by publishing such false news stories. If we condemn those statement, you would avail an another opportunity to damage the center state relations by the base of my statement. We are for the welfare of SC, ST and other suppressed communities and working with coordination with centeral government but you are intentionally trying to damage the relations with union government for your political and personal benefits.
How long you would run the news paper for the benefit of Chandrababu Naidu and why you are intentionally demoralizing yourself. How long you would follow the plots and poisonous ideologies. How long you would publish the news for the benefit of TDP and misguide the public of AP. Though you reached 84 and Chandrababu Naidu is 70 years you never work for the welfare of society.” Botsa alleged in his letter.

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