BJP’s message is loud and clear

By Gopal.T Sep. 27, 2020, 10:50 am IST
BJP’s message is loud and clear

The BJP had reshuffled its executive at the national level. While the new executive headed by new chief J P Nadda is to focus on the party’s prospects for the 2024 general elections, besides elections to a couple of state Assemblies in between, its focus in the Telugu states is loud and clear.

The party is targeting 2023 general elections in Telangana and had already started making its moves towards the target. The collapse of the Congress and the TDP in Telangana leaves no option for the politicians to move forward. There are no hopes of the Congress revival in the near future in Telangana. There is no question of the TDP emerging again. The Left parties have already died their natural death and hence the space is left only for the ruling TRS and the BJP. While the TRS wants to retain its supremacy, the BJP is making its moves to capture the second state in the south, after Karnataka.

Once its target in Telangana is accomplished, the party will set its eyes on Andhra Pradesh. But, even before that the BJP leadership is sending clear indications to the rank and file of the TDP to walk into its fold. The BJP in AP is trying to keep Pawan Kalyan in good humour, not because of his leadership but because of the community – Kapu – support that would benefit the party.

After the Kapu base, the BJP wants to take over the Kamma base from the TDP and thus emerge as the only alternative to the non-YSR Congress cadre. Unlike in Telangana, the Congress in AP is dead, not even on ventilator. The fate of the Congress in AP is almost similar to that of the party in Tamil Nadu. The Left parties, like in most of the states, have lost their presence, though their significance still exists.

It is in this backdrop, the BJP had elevated Daggubati Purandheswari to the national general secretary level and thus had given a signal – very loud and clear – that BJP is the only political platform for the dominant Kamma community in the state to bank on for power. The aging factor of the TDP chief and the incapable leadership qualities of his son have come as big advantage for the BJP to expand its base.

Thus the BJP is making its moves, though slowly, very clear, at least for one community. It is for that community to think and move into its fold before the TDP gets disintegrated. The BJP plans to emerge as the second option in alliance with the Jana Sena in AP politics and all those who oppose the YSR Congress have no option but to take shelter under the Lotus.

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