Bigwigs of BJP simply ignores Kanna ..??

By iDream Post Apr. 24, 2020, 05:32 pm IST
Bigwigs of BJP simply ignores Kanna ..??

It seems that the big wigs of BJP have simply ignored the state president of the party Kanna Lakshmi Narayana. Kanna has made some harsh comments and allegations on AP government and blamed that there might be a scandal occurred in purchasing of Corona testing kits from South Korea. Even Kanna has made damaging comments on the MP of ruling party Vijay Sai reddy and lodged a compliant with the party high command on Vijay Sai’s involvement on some other scandals. But it seems that the bigwigs of BJP are not consider the comments made by Kanna as serious as he thought.

After the war of words occurred between himself and Vijay Sai reddy, the BJP president Kanna spoke to its national president J P Nadda and other bigwigs of the party and he explained what was happened here and what were the consequences, but it is learnt that the senior leaders have simply listen to him and ignored. As per information the senior leaders advised him to simply put a deaf ear on Vijay Sai commens and told him to continue to fight for the cause of public during the lockdown period,” Nadda reportedly told him. Apparently, Kanna reportedly complained to the Central leadership against a couple of BJP leaders who had joined hands with YSRC leaders to malign him and the party.

“How can Sai Reddy get internal issues of the party? How could he make allegations even against senior leaders like DaggubatiPurandeshwari?” he reportedly asked Kanna However, sources said there was not much response from the party high command over the complaints lodged by Kanna.

On the otherside, BJP general secretary Ram Madhav has penned an article in Jagan’s own media Sakshi daily paper in support of Modi’s steps to fight against Coronavirus. The article was published at a time when Kanna and Sai Reddy were indulging in a war of words. All these consequences have cleared that the top leadership of BJP has simply ignored the Kanna and it seems that they are not considering him as state president.

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