Big shock to JC brothers...

By Nehru.T Dec. 01, 2020, 10:49 am IST
Big shock to JC brothers...

Mining dept imposes Rs.100 crore penalty

JC Brothers, once they were kings of Ananthapur district and they could dictate rules and administrative polices to the bureaucrats. They could decide terms, rules and regulations of every department for the past 30 years. No officer, no leader, not even chief minister dared not to question the brothers( Prabhakar Reddy and Diwakar Reddy)

But now, after YSRCP comes into power, the situation of JC brothers was entirely over turned. They have been spending more time in either police stations or jails rather than their homes. They are booked under forgery cases and running busses on fake documents. Now in a fresh move, the mining department of Andhrapradesh has given a big shock to JC brothers. The mining department has imposed Rs.100 crores of penalty for violating norms and excavating huge quanity of minerals from mines allotted for Trishul cement company.Actually the government had allotted hundreds of acres of lands, with lime stone deposits for Trishul cement firm, promoted by JC brothers. But so far the company has not commissioned but on the otherside, the promoters have excavated 14 lakhs of tonnes of lime stone(raw material of cement) from Kona Uppala padu of Yadiki mandal and sold it for some other companies and made big money. The government has identified these irregularities and sent notices to pay the penalty of Rs.100 crores and it state if the company fails to pay the penalty they would seize the assets and seize the properties of the company. This is unexpected action to be faced by the JC brothers. They are already facing some other cases like modifying condemned lorries into busses and operating in the states like Karnataka, Andhrapradesh and Tamilnadu. Now this is another shock treatment given by the AP government to JC brothers.

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