Atchenna losts his base

By Nehru.T Sep. 16, 2020, 11:36 am IST
Atchenna losts his base

Cadre changes their loyalty to YSRCP

Incharge oy YSRCP in Tekkali ruling the area

K.Atchennaidu, former minister, once a fire brand leader and most dominating personality in Srikakulam district is experiencing the real politics now. When the TDP was in power between 2014-19 Atchenna was the minister for transport, labour welfare and he could rule the entire district and stretch his tentacles towards VIzag and Vizianagaram districts , which are adjacent to Srikakulam. He used to dictate norms to bureaucracy. But now the situation is entirely changed and he could not even imagine the present situation. Atchenna was grilled by the ACB and spent around two months in jail and came back to his constituency Tekkali on bail granted by High court in multi crores scandal suspected to be occurred in ESI hospitals. But by the time, he reached back to his constituency. The locals leaders like Surpanch, MPTC candidates, former leaders, MPPs of Nandigam, Tekkali, Santhabommali and Kotabommali are gradually shifting their loyalty towards YSRCP as the incharge Duvvada Srinivas is taking active part there and leading the government there. Interestingly Duvvada Srinivas is following the norms framed by the Chandrababu only during his regime.

Actually Chandrababu Naidu instructed the officials in the constituencies of YSRCP MLAs to honour the orders and instructions given by the TDP incharges, who were defeated by the YSRCP candidates. Now the same rules are being followed by the officials in Tekkali constituency and they are simply ignoring the MLA Atchenna and simply following the instructions of Duvvada Srinivas, the incharge of YSRCP at Tekkali. On the otherside, Atchenna is not much interested to mingle with public and with leaders. It seems that he is feeling shy to take active part in politics. At the same time the cadre is slowly moving towards YSRCP and searching for opportunities there. Any how, after coming back from judicial custody, Atchenna seems to be lost his base there and struggling for his exhistance.

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