Around 78,300 BSNL employees to step down tomorrow

By Nehru.T Jan. 30, 2020, 03:38 pm IST
Around 78,300 BSNL employees to step down tomorrow

BSNL, MTNL is going to loose huge number of staff tomorrow as around 78,000 workers in various levels are going to step down on 31 January. This can be said as the largest retirement drives in the country. Reducing the number of employees is one way for the loss ridden public sector enterprise to find a way out of the financial crisis they find themselves lodged in now.

"Approximately 78,300 employees have opted for the VRS as per data received from all the circles till the closing of the scheme. This is as per our target. We were expecting reduction of 82,000 headcount. Besides VRS applicants, around 6,000 employees also retired," BSNL Chairman and Managing Director P.K. Purwar told. There would be around 85,000 employees left after the retirement drive.

The voluntary retirement scheme of BSNL and MTNL had closed in December, with over 92,700 employees opting for it, senior officials told PTI. Around 78,300 employees of BSNL and 14,378 of MTNL have opted for the scheme. The PSUs had set December 3 as deadline for employees to opt for VRS. MTNL Chairman and Managing Director Sunil Kumar said that the PSU too has exceeded the target set for VRS. "14,378 employees have opted for VRS against target of 13,650 employees. This will reduce our annual salary bill from Rs 2,272 crore to Rs 500 crore. Now we are left with 4,430 employees which is sufficient to run our business," Kumar told.

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