AP tops in lockdown implement

By iDream Post Apr. 13, 2020, 07:04 pm IST
AP tops in lockdown implement

NDTV Survey says

Of course the opposition parties like Telugu Desam, state wing of BJP, left parties including congress have been slinging mud on the andhrapradesh government and blaming that CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy is not much serious about controlling the spreading of Corona virus, the national media lauds the efforts made by the government. The Government of India has been imposing lockdown all over India and the prime minister of India Narendra Modi appealed all the state governments to join hands and take strict measures to curb the spreading of this deadly virus. Some of the states have not much serous about lock down and less bothered about the instructions given by the union government.

As a result, the number of cases have been rising abnormally in the states like Tamilnadu and Maharashtra. But the state Andhrapradesh is strictly executing the instructions given by the union government right from the day one. Even it didn’t allow its native people to reach their homes from the other states like Telangana and Tamilnadu. The opposition parties have blamed the governnemtn for not bothering about the telugu people struggling in other states. Any how a national English channel NDTV has conducted national wide survey and stated that Andhrapradesh is on top in implementing of lockdown and it has taken every step to break the chain of Corona. Kerala, where the first Corona case is registered in entire India stood in second place and Karnataka is in third place. Any how the efforts put by the AP government yields good result and the number of positive cases have drastically come down in the previous week.

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