AP successfully curb corona spreading ?

By Nehru.T Jun. 10, 2020, 01:49 pm IST
AP successfully curb corona spreading ?

No central teams for AP to study the pandemic

It seems that the strong, untired efforts made by the Andhrapradesh government to curb the spreading of Corona virus is giving good results. The state has conducted more than 4.5 lakhs of Covid tests and out of those samples, 5.4 lakhs of tests around 5,000 are declared as positive and as of now around 2800 are cured and discharged from the hospitals. As of now the spreading of virus is much slower than the other states in India. Maharashtra and Delhi, Tamilnadu, Madhyapradesh are some of the states, where the virus spreading rapidly. The union government has considers those states as hub for Corona and decided to send some medical teams comprising of doctors, medical biologists, virologists and scientists and bureaucrats. As per the centers, decision the central teams would visit 50 muncipalities in 15 states all over India. The experts teams would conduct a study and prepare a comprehensive report with the facts and conditions in those towns and municipalities. They would find out the reasons behind the rapid spreading of virus in those municipalities. What are the causes, factors are influencing the spreading of virus.

The number of municipalities and states are as follow.

Maharashtra-7, UP-4, Haryana-4, Gujarat-3, Karnataka-4 Tamilnadu-7, Uttarakhand-3, Westbengal-3, Delhi-3 Assom-6, Rajasthan-5, Odisha-5, Madhyapradesh-5 Bihar-4, Telangana-4.

All our neighbouring states are under radar of the union government. Odisha, Tamilnadu, Telangana, Karnataka are among the list of 15 states and fortunately Andhrapradesh is not mentioned in the list. It seems that the Andhrapradesh is effectively working in controlling the spreading of Corona virus. AP stands on top in entire nation in conducting medical tests. Even the village volunteers system also effectively working in controlling the spreading of Corona virus. Any how as of now the AP is in safe mode.

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