Sand saga

By Siva Racharla Nov. 15, 2019, 07:52 pm IST
Sand saga

Andhra Pradesh politics is getting sand stroke. The opposition parties have been carrying out protests. Governing party leaders say the shortage of sand is only because of the worst flooding that was not registered for the last two decades. On the other hand, Chandrababu was on 12-hour hunger strike pertinent sand shortage..The government is planning to launch isuka varotsavam to mark the availability of sand..

The sand mafia started during last government..

The shortage of sand has been started from then tdp government..Tdp Mla chintha prabhakar allegedly attacked women tahsildar,involvement of dwcra people in sand digging,announcement of free sand policy are some such situations..At that time Eenadu daily published an article about involvement of 40 Tdp leaders in sand mafia confirms who started the ploy.
National green tribunal imposed a 100 crore fine on tdp government for their reckless behaviour to safeguard environment..Meanwhile,chandrababu afraid of the whole episode and temporarily stopped sand digging..

The Jagan Government stand..

After taking the charge of chief minister of Andhra praksh,Jagan taken at most care to solve the sand shortage stalemate,on September 5 th his government announced a new policy on sand,unfortunately recent floods in the state caused the crisis, seven times lifting of Krishna river gates that results release of 1100 TMC water to sea can tell the actual story behind sand scarcity..The availability of sand in the rivers is decreased drastically for the last seven months..Previous government's sand policy is still enigmatic..The increase of sand rate also created problems,The Government is charging Rs 375 per ton,for three tons it accounts to 2200 in addition to transport charges the consumers are feeling the burden..Speculation on scarcity of sand also has its quota on the current problem..The fake allegations about CID rides on Blue frog company who created the "Mana sand" app is one such..

Government actions to solve the problem..

Jagan government has taken steps to solve the problem,unlike Chandrababu who brought free sand policy that created the actual problem,Government wants to use GPS technology to moniter the transportation of sand, Enacting new laws to curb the corruption in sand distribution show thoughtful approach of Government to solve the problem.

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