AP records second victory over coronavirus

By iDream Post Apr. 01, 2020, 12:01 pm IST
AP records second victory over coronavirus

The AP government had won its battle against the dreadful coronavirus for the second time. The first victory was reported in Nellore where a corona positive person was discharged from hospital after the successful treatment.

This time, the victory is from Visakhapatnam where the corona positive person was successfully treated and discharged from the hospital on Wednesday.

The man was admitted into the hospital on March 19 after he had returned from Mecca on March 17. As he complained of fever and cough, the volunteers and the district medical and health staff shifted him to the hospital where he was treated for corona virus successfully.

The state is head of others in identifying the corona contacts and suspects, thanks to the volunteers system established by chief minister Jaganmohan Reddy.

The volunteers, who represent the lowest of 50 families in the villages and towns spread over the state, have the information of each household on their fingertips. They also have the information, including the names of the family members and their whereabouts.

Thus they could easily trace the return of the foreign students or employees and in no time, they were either quarantined in the house or sent to isolation wards in the hospital after due tests.

The visit of any corona suspect too to the areas were closely monitored by them and thus the spread of the virus was contained.

However, the visit of people to Markaz (Delhi for prayers) had intensified the situation with people not reporting to the administration about the corona contacts or suspects.

It is high time that the people volunteer for corona tests before the virus spreads further leading to more cases and subsequent deaths.

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