AP police poser to Galla Jayadev

By Gopal.T Jan. 22, 2020, 01:14 pm IST
AP police poser to Galla Jayadev

The AP police have raised several questions to Guntur MP, Galla Jayadev, on his allegations against him during the Challo Assembly protest on Tuesday. While the MP alleged that the police mishandled him and injured him and would complain to the Lok Sabha Speaker, the police ridiculed his charges and posed questions to him on his behaviour which led to his arrest.

What the AP police said:

Being a responsible Public Representative, he tried to storm and raid the assembly in session. He tried to disrupt the proceedings by inciting and provoking protestors in hundreds to indulge in violence by keeping women in forefront. Is this a peaceful demonstration? Is this democratic? And that too from a parliamentarian?

As a good parliamentarian who makes laws, how can he break the law and also instigate others to disrupt the assembly in session?

He defied the prohibitory orders under Section 144 CrPC and lead a group of protesters in hundreds who abused the police and hurled stones causing injuries to 15 police personnel. Is it not an irresponsible act? Should he not be liable under the law of the land? Should the police not take action and be only mute spectators?

He not only incited violence but also endangered the safety of the protesters including a large number of women, knowing fully well the repercussions of any untoward incidents and likely action by law enforcement agencies. Does it not amount to malafied intentions?

In spite of the grave provocation the police exercised maximum restraint, extended him due courtesies and as a last resort to prevent further deterioration of the situation and harm to the protestors took timely action in accordance with the law. Why and what for should the police be blamed? Why threaten the police? How could have the police acted otherwise?

He himself gave a call for Jail bharo and orchestrated the violent protest by leading the innocent villagers and compelled the police to take preventive action and it is ironical that he is crying foul now about his arrest. Is it fair on his part to be such a cry-baby?

Only the main instigators including the MP were taken into custody for inciting violence, attacking the police and breaking the law. Is it not a fact?

As the local Member of Parliament rather than cooperating with the police to maintain peace and tranquillity, he deliberately broke the law and incited violence. How honourable is the Hon’ble MP’s conduct?

He acted knowing fully well the repercussions of his violent actions and intentions. Should he not take full responsibility for his acts? Is he man enough to own it up instead of blaming others?
It is beneath his dignity as a parliamentarian to level such baseless allegations on police for doing their duty. Is he not setting a bad precedent?

It is very surprising that as a man in public life such as him should react in such an immature manner in an effort to gain media attention and cheap publicity. Is it a matured and dignified behaviour?

“If he can’t take the heat he should get out of the Kitchen” as the saying goes. How can he be such a delicate darling and a cry baby?

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