AP HC issue status quo on three capitals

By Nehru.T Aug. 04, 2020, 07:11 pm IST
AP HC issue status quo on three capitals

This is a big jolt to the government of Andhrapradesh as the high court has obstructed the exercise made by the chief minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy to split the capital into three parts and set up administrative capital at Vizag. On Tuesday the court has listened the vows of Amaravati farmers along with JAC and others have filed petitions in the high court seeking stay on the gazette issued by the governor. Later the Court has put the brakes on three capitals in state and issued status quo orders on Governor Gazette. The court issued stay on decentralization of development and CRDA repeal bill till August 14 and directed the government to file a reply counter. The next hearing would be held on August 14.

The petitions were heard by a three-judge bench of the High Court. Advocate oh behalf of petitioners argued that the bills were unconstitutional. Shyam Diwan and Muralidhar were present on behalf of the petitioners. Last Friday, the governor approved the AP administration decentralization bill and the CRDA repeal bills. The government is also preparing to relocate government offices to Visakhapatnam. At a time like this, the granting of status quo by the High Court has come a blow to the Jagan government.
Prior to this, the farmers of Amaravathi knelt down on the roads, on the route and folded their arms, prayed the judges, passing on the road to give justice. This pictures became viral and some stated that influencing or praying the judges is unethical, any how, by the evening the farmers could get favorable decision from court.

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