AP government cancels Gottipati mining leases

By Nehru.T Aug. 25, 2020, 05:38 pm IST
AP government cancels Gottipati mining leases

The Government of Andhrapradesh, ministry of mines and geology has started hunting the mining licensees, who have been violating the norms and looting the natural resources as per their wish. The mining officials have imposed huge penalty for a mining baron at Vizag district and shuffled the officers from there recently. Now the ministry has concentrated on Gottipati Ravi kumar, MLA of Addanki and cancelled his silences and permissions sanctioned previously. Cracking down on the illegal mining activities in Prakasam district, the government of Andhra Pradesh cancelled the lease and other permissions sanctiones to the company of TDP MLA from Addanki Gottipati Ravi Kumar for excavating granite material. Proceeding orders were issued on Monday to cancel the quarry leases of Gottipati and also another senior TDP leader Pothula Rama Rao, former MLA of Kandukukru in Prakasam district. They were charged with resorting to irregularities in the quarrying of granite. Immediately after releasing the orders, the mining and geology department officials seized the granite quarries and locked them by sticking the orders at the spot. They also deployed heavy police force at the mining points.

With this, the mining operators, who got lease permits and other licenses during Telugu Desam regime are in full of tension and facing mounting pressure to face any consequences in anytime. Yet, the authorities chose to force the quarries to be shut in the name of lack of environmental permits.

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