AP gearing up to face Covid-19

By iDream Post Mar. 26, 2020, 12:07 pm IST
AP gearing up to face Covid-19

Special wards at teaching hospitals

The Andhrapradesh Government came to know how danger the Corona virus is. By the Wednesday the AP alone registered 10 positive cases and 30 more samples are waiting for results. The village volunteers around 2.5 numbers are combing the villages and identifying the people, who are suffering from suspected Corona symptoms. At the AP government is worrying about the spreading of the virus and it may leads to pandemonium like situation.So as a preparatory action, the government has taken a decision to set up special wards to provide isolated treatment for around 2400 patients all over the state. For this four hospitals from the 13 districts are identified and setting up wards with isolation facilities there.

As of now Ruia hospital in Tirupathi, VIMS at Visakhapatna, General hospitals of Vijayawada and Nellore are announced Corona special hospitals. The hostel buildings and other buildings in these hospitals are being modified as isolated wards. With toilet, power and other facilities. VIMS would have 500 beds, VIjayawada and Nellore government general hospitals would have 650 beds each and RUIA has 600 beds. Totally the 2400 beds are provided for the patients of Covid-19 infected and if the situation demands, the patients would be shifted to these wards and provide treatment.

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