AP Council chairman Shariff cries foul with Governor

By Gopal.T Feb. 19, 2020, 11:53 am IST
AP Council chairman Shariff cries foul with Governor

Unable to make any move forward in implementing his decision and constitute select committees, the AP Legislative Council chairman, M A Shariff, met Governor Harichandan and complained to him against the Assembly secretary.
The chairman, who is also from the TDP, requested the Governor to direct the Assembly secretary to implement his orders and constitute the select committees. While it is not known what the Governor had said, the chairman told the media persons that he had explained the prevailing situation to the Governor.

The chairman, as directed by his party chief Chandrababu Naidu, had announced that he would be referring two bills to the select committee. He went on record saying “though it is against the rules and there were some lapses in the procedures and the set rules were not followed, I am using my discretionary powers under rule 151 and refer the two bills to the select committee.” He left the chair immediately without even announcing adjournment of the Council.

But the rules say that the government bills or business can be referred to the select committee only if some members wanted it and submitted a representation to the chair. Then the chair should conduct voting on the issue and then decide.
There was no representation and there was no voting that prompted the chairman to use his discretionary powers. The use of discretionary powers is limited to admit the demand or amendments for the bills and not to overrule or ignore or go against the rules.

“The chairman acted according to the directions of the TDP president and not the rules of the House,” is what the ruling YSR Congress says. Even the officials in the Assembly also quote the rules and say that the House did not receive any amendments or representations from the members to refer the bills to the select committee.
“The chairman cannot take a decision on his own without any representation from the members or in violation of the rules and procedures,” is what the officials say.

It is for this reason, the officials are not following the orders of the chairman in constituting the select committees. Irked at the way officials are ignoring him, the chairman had complained to the Governor to intervene. It is to be seen what the Governor would do now!

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