Amaravati is a one section issue, not State issue

By Gopal.T Mar. 01, 2020, 09:13 am IST
Amaravati is a one section issue, not State issue

AP is witnessing massive campaign for over 80 days on one single issue, the issue of Amaravati, the proposed capital of the new state.

Amaravati was proposed by Chandrababu Naidu in 2014 December as capital and in2020 February, the present chief minister Jaganmohan Reddy had disposed it off. He had proposed three capitals for the state, not to concentrate development in one place.

There is hue and cry for the decentralization model, particularly on shifting judiciary to Kurnool and executive to Visakhapatnam from Amaravati.

There is fear from one section of the people in the State that this decentralization would hamper their investments. Interestingly, they have invested in Amaravati besides creating illusionary hopes among the farmers on high returns.
It is just one political party and its associates which are making hue and cry over this move. It is just one section of the media which is struggling hard to create a negative impact on the state for the proposal to dilute Amaravati.
The party and the media have one interest which is connected to the entrepreneurship of one caste, who invested more and have the fear of losing more.

The fact that people are not responding to the Amaravati “agitation” in the last 80 days shows that people are not concerned about the issue. People from 29 villages or to be very precise, people of Mandadam and Velagapudi are not joining the protests, except those from one caste.

The continued protests in different forms and the increasing media campaign for all these days, did not convince the SC, ST and BCs of the Mandadam village, where a permanent pandal was erected and protests are organized. People of these sections are not part of the protests and that itself is enough to understand whose issue is Amaravati.

The caste and the party are already singled out in the State by the rest of the castes and it is high time that they stop this campaign to avoid further socio-political ostracism of the caste by the rest.

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