ABN Is Enough To Kill TDP

By Bharadwaj Feb. 10, 2020, 03:00 pm IST
ABN Is Enough To Kill TDP

It is true that the power of fourth estate cannot be underestimated in India and it has led to decide the political fate of many states. Sensing this power, many political parties started launching their own set of channels and print publications which became their mouthpiece and propaganda tools. And it is here that things started going wrong.

Within no time, people have started realizing that more than bringing the truth to the common man and pointing out the real flaws in the system, the media entities begun blowing the trumpets of their beneficiaries. According to many, one such entity is ABN Andhra Jyothy headed by Radhakrishna. This is being deemed as the mouthpiece for TDP.

Ramakrishna, a dental surgeon said, “Since last 5 years they were chanting TDP’s name and churning out anti Jagan propaganda and the result was a humiliating defeat for Chandrababu. Still they have not learnt and are continuing their worship. If CBN has to stand he has to correct ABN and he should get rid of this kind of ‘Bhajana Batch’. Otherwise ABN is enough to kill TDP.” Ankush, an NRI said “It is a shame and sad thing to see that an established and reputed media house has become a puppet.” That’s the overview folks!

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