A jolt to LG Polymers in SC

By Nehru.T May. 19, 2020, 05:54 pm IST
A jolt to LG Polymers in SC

LG Polymers, which is responcible for a major gas leak mishap at Visakhapatnam May 7, and causing the death of of 12 local people and hospitalisation of over 500 people has faced a big shock in Supreme Court.

Actually the National Green Tribunal(NGT) has ordered an extensive investigation on the gas leakage incident and instructed to report the same to them soon. On that tribunals order, the LG has knocked the door of Supreme court and appealed it to abolish the orders of Supreme court. But the Court has denied the petition lodged by LG polymers and said that the investigation would be on.

The LG Polymers argued that the NGT had no authority and jurisdiction to intervene into the mishap. It said the NGT cannot take up a suomotu inquiry into the incident. However, the Supreme Court rejected this argument. It said the apex court would take up the hearing only after the completion of NGT inquiry. It also ruled that all legal issues could be raised only before the NGT.

The NGT has ordered the comply to deposit initially Rs.50 crores as compensation to the society.

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