30 percent pay cut for PM, Ministers, MP No MPLADS for two years

By iDream Post Apr. 06, 2020, 07:47 pm IST
30 percent pay cut for PM, Ministers, MP No MPLADS for two years

Amid the entire nation is fighting with Covid-19, the union government has taken an another bold decision to cut the expenditure of the nation and to meet the additional burden arrived in the form of this Corona pandemic

The union cabinet has passed a resolution to cut the pay of 30 percent for the all MPs, including prime minister and ministers for one year. On the otherside the president and vice president have volunteer announced that they would be ready to reduce their honorariums by 30 percent. Apart from the above decision, another decision taken by the union government is it wont release any MPLADS for two years.

MPLAD will be suspended for two years (2020-21 and 2021-22) and the amount will go to the consolidated fund of India. This will be ₹7,900 crore in total. Actually each MP,. Both Loksabha and Rajya Sabha would get Rs.5 crores per year to develop in their local areas. The funds would be under the control of the concerned MPs and they can spend the funds as per the demands arise from the public. Laying of Cement concrete roads, building of school building, libraries, Bus shelters, compound walls and many more works are being undertaken by the MPLADS funds. They have the only source of funds is MPLADS to spend as per their discretion but with the decision taken by the union government, now they cant spend not even a single rupee in their own and as per their interests and priorities. Now they cant reach the public with out spending funds for the society, lets see how the union government would balance this situation.

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