Will the encounter of the accused in Disha case lead to stopping of rapes in the country?

By Muralidhar Balivada Dec. 06, 2019, 08:27 pm IST
Will the encounter of the accused in Disha case lead to stopping of rapes in the country?

Will the encounter of the accused in Disha case lead to stopping of rapes in the country?

What should we do to further stop such crimes from happening?

Is liquor drinking the only reason for rape?

Rape leads to not only physical abuse and pain but also mentally breaks the women and also leads her family to life long pain.

Who is responsible for such heinous act?

Are the Parents, society, judiciary, human rights, cinema, serials, media and social media not responsible?

Disha case disturbed not only the country but the whole world too. The whole country with one voice demanded for Justice for Disha. And as always done , arresting the accused, long trails, feeding them with good food to be avoided and immediate justice to be given was the demand . On 5th December 2019, the police lawfully arrested and took the custody of the accused. In the early hours of 6th December , the accused were encountered. The public woke up to the news of encounter. They showered police with appreciation for the encounter.

Now and then V.C. Sajjanar

As per the cinema dialogue- “every town must have only one rowdy and that too it must be a police officer”, Cyberabad Police Commissioner V. C. Sajjanar proved it right with previous Warangal acid attack accused encounter and presently rape accused encounter.

But Will these encounter help stop the crime on women?

Even after the encounter of the accused in acid attack, there have been many cases of acid attack , molestations and rapes.

Then why did the attacks not stop??

If liquor consumption was the main reason behind Disha case, then police records confirm that there were such crime of rapes happening even when there was a ban on liquor consumption.

Lets analyse then what is the root cause of such crimes ?


Pampering children, not controlling children when they do a mistake, unable to identify the wrong circle, arguing in front of children, drinking liquor, smoking and involving in acts of romance in front of children, sending children to purchase items like cigarette, liquor for elders. In that way we as parents are spoiling our children. Child psychologist say that mostly Children of divorced parents and family with disturbances indulge in delinquency as they are not under control . These children prove that-“ a small plant if not bend on right time then how shall a tree bend?”

Society and Judiciary-

Psychology say that Society is the main reason for few children to get spoiled . Low economic background , lack of resources , poverty lead to crime. Even a major drawback in our society is we do not try to correct the mistakes of children in our surrounding thinking that is not my cup of tea. And it’s the responsibility of that parent.If parents do not have a vigilance on them then the children develop the thought that they are unstoppable and continue walking on the path of crimes. Psychologist Experts have also said that long procedure in judiciary and easily available bails has led to fearlessness in culprits .

Human rights-

Human rights condemn the acts of police if the culprits are tortured in lock ups or exposed to social punishments. Not only that they even demand to take serious actions against such police officers. Due to which higher officials are forced to take action . When ever such incidents occur usually the question arises- Are human rights for only the accused and not for the victims ?

Example.1- In a police station , a case of eve teasing is brought to notice by a girl, the culprit is caught and he admits his crime in the police station in front of the girl and the police. The police tries to file a case but the girl insists that a case need not be filed but a warning ,so that he shall never trouble her again ,would suffice. The accused is slapped twice hardly by the police which is recorded by the friends of the boy and the video goes viral. Human rights protested against this and the officer is suspended for the action .

Example 2—first time on receiving a complaint of few guys drinking and dancing in a locality, the police team approached and warned the boys. When second time the complaint was received from the same locality an hour later, the police once again reached the spot to shoo away the boys but this time the boys attacked the police and in return the police lathi charged. The video of police lathi charging the boys was recorded and sent to the leader, the leader used his power and threatened the higher officials as the boys were of his party , who in turn transferred the complete team involved in the lathi charge.
In both the above example who do you say is at fault? Do think…

Cinema, serials, media and social media-

Cinema and serials
Psychologist say that cinema is not only a source of entertainment but also a source of wrong learning. Most of the people are affected by the bad side of the cinema rather than the good side.
It may not effect if people do not become music lovers after watching Shankharabharanam but they must not become villains after watching a violent movie. The same way serials- killing mother in law in kitchen, killing husbands in bedroom, plotting against the family… is creating a route to indulge in crime.


Psychologist say that there was a time when media used to give valuable information and news, but once the channels came into the competitive spirit few of them, started losing their essence, for latest updates showed inappropriate scenes, showing the same content again and again and aggravating the public and for high TRP ratings started debates, all these acts are provoking people.

Social media

Every person is now a days using the social media to bring forth his views and voice, its rather good, but psychologist say that people with unmatured mind set and unsocial elements are posting and sharing porn videos, crime related videos and disturbing videos which is also leading to crime thoughts among people. There are tips how to escape out after committing a crime too in the social media. If we can analyze and control all these points then we may reduce the crimes against women. If these are to be controlled then the Government needs to take serious action, change existing and implement new laws and start huge awareness programs about crime and its punishments and create fear of committing crime. All institutions –school and colleges must educate their students –not only girls but boys too. If it’s about teaching a girl about safety it’s about teaching a boy about respect. They must also educate the same among the uneducated, underprivileged people- through campaigns.

Lastly and importantly a request to parents-

Nurture children with lot of care and affection, monitor their actions, observe their friends circle. Do confront and question them when you feel they are doing mistakes. Keep an eye on what they search in net during times of leisure. Question your children when they come home late at nights. If due to family disputes or financial problems or any other reason children, boys particularly, are not taken care then they may later get into wrong circumstances and commit crime. Depending on the crime they commit, the punishment by the court and police too is high which could be an encounter by police or a life sentence or death sentence by court. The suffering of parents experienced by all the 4 families of the accused today must not be experienced by any parent.

For parent- who think that we give birth to children but not their fate, think deeply we can stop children from getting side tracked with love, care and keen observation.

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