The system needs immediate correction

By Kirshna Kiran M Nov. 30, 2019, 09:54 pm IST
The system needs immediate correction

We are a completely shameless and irresponsible society. We, the people, the media, the political parties, the government raise our voices and heads only when the most horrible things happen around us, that too for a few days and then life goes as usual until another happens. We don’t want to correct the system as we keep moving. We pause, cry foul and fight momentarily as and when a gruesome act occurs.

Who is responsible for PriyankaReddy’s rape and murder in Hyderabad? And the clear answer is all of us.

It is 7 years since the most horrific incident of brutal rape and murder of a 23-year old in #Delhi on the fateful night of December 16, 2012. Though the government made a Nirbhaya Act and washed its hands off, the assaults on girl children and women goes unabated. The rapists and killers are still to be punished.

The system needs immediate correction. Instead of telling the women and girls to call this number or that number when in trouble, the government and the #judiciary should send a strong message to rapists and murderers that any act of violence on women and girls will be dealt with iron hands and it should be shown in action, not words.

What the government and judiciary can do:

1. Warn the police department to act with speed on receipt of any complaint and ensure the law is implemented swiftly with no negligence.

2. Have a proper vigilance in place at all gullible locations.

3. Ban all porn content on YouTube and other channels where there seems to be no censorship. Exposing the young minds to such content is sure to corrupt some brains and behave like animals. Recently I have seen a WA circulation in which a female actress from south was speaking in the most foul language on a YT channel. I was shocked and didn’t understand how it went on air.

4. Conduct sessions in schools, colleges and various other forums and educate the male population on how important it is to respect women because of whose infinite love and unbearable labour, the men are born.

5. Strongly follow the saying that prevention is better than cure and implement all measures that will help in prevention of #crime against women.

6. Ensure that speedy justice is delivered to those affected by the crime. The best scenario is a no case of violence.

7. Reward cities, towns and villages where there is absolutely no such cases of rape and murder.

What we, the men, should do:

1. Let us change our attitude towards women. They are not objects, they are the ones because of whom we exist.

2. If we come across any women or girl being alone in your path, keep a watch on her in a positive manner, just in case she needs any help.

3. Tell your sons and their friends that girls need to be given due respect and honour.

4. Women are not equal to us. They are in reality greater than us in many aspects and so deserve greater respect.

5. Let us together create an environment in which the fairer sex moves around fearlessly and confidently.

6. Please do not circulate or endorse anything on social media that shows women in poor light or is derogatory in nature.

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