Did Chandrababu show vendetta aganist Ramana deekshitulu?

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Did Chandrababu show vendetta aganist Ramana deekshitulu?

The Jagan Sarkar has decided to appoint former TTD Chief priest Ramana deekshithulu as Aagma council member.His appointment aimed at giving suggestions and directions to the newly recruited priests,Interestingly he got appointment order from the CEO of TTD Ashok Singhal who impeached Ramana deekshithulu earlier..

Ramana deekshitulu who received his primary education in Tirupati and got Phd, Msc microbiology From Tirupati University.Ramana deekshitulu dreamt to become a scientist eventually ended up by become priest. 

Where did dispute started?

Ramana deekshitulu made severe criticism against then Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu for his Involvement in TTD board .He said "there is no right for the government to Involve unlawfully in board matters and to interfere in appointment of priests,the legal heir has every right to be appoint ed as priest.There were misdeeds happening in board matters by the emergence of political leaders in to the board.The government should disclose all the jewellery,financial details regarding TTD " he demanded. 

He was sceptical about the existing jewellery presented to Swami Ji by Sri Krishnadevaraya during his time.The Hundi income is aimed at utilising for Swamiji but one of the ruling party MLAs asking 10 crores for Kalyana Mandapam in his City.They have been fighting hard for keeping TTD board corruption free and he also urged government to call for thorough CBI enquiry regarding this. 

Controversy on Ramana deekshitulu Impeachment... 

The day after ramanadeekshithulu made severe criticism against the government involvement in TTD. The governing council under the chairmanship of Putta sudhakar Yadav  called for a meeting with sole agenda of removing Chief priest from the post.The board decided to set highest age limit for the priest as 65 and removed three others Including ramana deekshithulu.This decision has been aggravated and questions the Government authority on Hindu traditions, Especially on TTD board, the Chandrababu government went into Self defence.TTD had shown great enthusiasm to present the notice, after the decision to sack the chief priest in the TTD governing body. Even when they know that priest is out of staton, they do not spend their time waiting for him. The board has issued notices to the victim's home, which has led to severe criticism of the eviction orders being issued to the wall of the house.

Ramana deekshitulu sensational comments on Chandrababu.

Ramana deekshitulu was deeply depressed by the way government outs him.He decided to fight against the injustice done to him and  questions the TTD that Why did the board closed millennial historical Srivari kitchen without any regard.The walls and bricks have collapsed like an earthquake in the kitchen, excavations have made for the jewels of the Cholas and the Pallavas.A diamond was missing which is usually in the center of the platinum necklace presented to the monks on the occasion of Garuda Seva in 2001 were broken by coins thrown by the devotees recently, however, he was accused that the TTD sold such a diamond in Geneva for Rs 500 crore

TTD filed a hundred crores defamation on YSP MP Vijayasai along with Dikshitulu

The TTD board alleged that there were YSRCP and BJP behind the allegations made by Ramana deekshitulu and filed a hundred crore defamation on YSRCP MP Vijay Sai Reddy along with Raman deekshitulu.The state government wrote to the High Court on June 27, 2018 requesting that the sitting judge be appointed to investigate and report on the Shrivari jewelery.Following the initiation, MP Subramanyaswamy was preparing to file a case in the Supreme Court.Meanwhile, Chandrababu Naidu thought enough damage has been done on government and he decided to give late response on ramana deekshitulu. 

How did ramanadeekshithulu become the highest priest? 

All  the temples in the united Andhra Pradesh had a system called mirashi.As per the system the appointments of priests have been done.Then chief minister for Andhra Pradesh Mr NTR has scrapped the system, that paved the way for abolishing mirashi system in one of the largest spiritual centre in the world.With a view to provide employment for the priests the government has brought a special G.O.This G.O created four main priesthoods, four chief priests and 43 priestly posts. In these posts,The G.O explicitly stated that TTD should appoint priests who work in the Mirashi system for the next two years

The mirashi family consisted of four families.1.Gollapalli 2.Pendum 3.Paidipalli 4.Thirupathamma, these families have been identified and assigned to the perticular post

In the Gollapalli family. 

A. Venkat Ramana deekshitulu A.Sundara Rama deekshitulu were identified as the first generation in TTD, in this Venkat Ramana deekshitulu adapted ramanadeekshithulu as his son.The rest of the persons were allocated to certain  post as per their qualification.That's how Ramana deekshitulu become Chief priest and served for two decades.After his removal the next chief priest Venugopal deekshitulu has also belonged to Gollapalli family. 

What the Supreme Court has said on the repeal of the mirashi system

In 1996, the state government  was abolished the mirashi system, priests were riding the supreme court over this, the Supreme Court has explicitly order that no shortage of gifts and etiquette should be avoided in the TTD hereditary preists..Ramana deekshitulu claims that the TTD board does not have any right to put finger on hereditary priesthood

Criticism on appointment of deekshitulu.

Some community groups and spiritual organizations have been critical on the appointment of Ramana deekshithulu as a member of the August council. Representatives of the unions are questioning how he be appointed as a member who raised the allegations on  Sreevari diamond, In addition to the Rs 100 crore defamation case filed against him..In this context appointment of ramana deekshutulu, the people are demanding TTD to withdraw defation filed against him.

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