“New Jersey Telugu Association” Launched with Great Fan Fare

By iDreamPost.com Nov. 28, 2017, 03:21 am IST
“New Jersey Telugu Association” Launched with Great Fan Fare

April 23rd 2016 witnessed the birth of another new Telugu Cultural Association in the USA. The inauguration of New Jersey Telugu Association (NJTA ) took place in New Jersey amidst hordes of enthusiastic Telugus. Several eminent Telugu personalities including New Jersey Congressman Upendra Chivukula, Rock Star Devi Sri Prasad, Ace Producer Dil Raju, Popular Film Stars Nikhil, Madhu Shalini, Singers Sagar, Ranina Reddy, Prithvi and Narendra and many others participated in the event.

Chinna Vasudeva Reddy, the Founder, President of New Jersey Telugu Association said that the mission of this new entity is to collaborate with other Telugu Associations and strengthen the efforts to spread the Telugu culture beyond borders.

While the existing cultural organizations have done and continue to render yeoman service to the Telugu community, the phenomenal growth of Technology, Digital and Social Media in the recent times, have dramatically changed the way people connect, communicate and consume information, knowledge and content that has cultural significance. It is possible to spread a message with greater speed and effectiveness and build cultural bridges among the Telugu Diaspora and channel their merit for the betterment of the Society as a whole. NJTA envisions to work in this space and to make a difference, to uphold Telugu heritage and legacy and assimilate it to the changing times.

“We are working to put together a comprehensive plan of action to achieve our objectives and our vision. Meanwhile, in the near future, to begin with, we would be endeavoring to pay tributes to our greatest artistic, literary and musical talents. We feel this would not only be a great pleasure and privilege, but our responsibility. We plan to felicitate our legendary lyric writer Sri Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry and iconic singer Smt P Susheela shortly in a befitting event. I thank all the volunteers for their invaluable support in this mission”, added Vasudeva Reddy.

The cultural programs by NRI Telugu students that opened the event, wowed the audience. All the speakers lauded the efforts of the new organization and wished the very best for its future endeavors. They said, given the passion and avowed  commitment  and approach of the people that championed the idea of NJTA, they shall always be delighted to extend their support to the activities of the organization.

Devi Sri Prasad, Dil Raju and Upendra Chivukula unveiled the maiden souvenir of New Jersey Telugu Association. An audio visual presentation, specially prepared for this occasion on the great Screenplay and Dialogue writer, Late Sri Satyamurthy, the father of Devi Sri Prasad, drew rapt attention and evoked nostalgia among the audiences.

A host of play back singers who participated in the event entertained the audiences with their wonderful melodies for over 2 hours. Popular Film Actor Madhu Shalini enthralled with her dance performance. The program concluded with an absolutely delicious Telugu dinner.

The Inaugural committee consisting of the below names was announced.

President – Chinna Vasudeva Reddy   [email protected]
Vice President – Mohan Pendyala   [email protected]
Secretary – Manju Bhargava   [email protected]
Treasurer – Veni Chinna   [email protected]
Annual Events – Bindu Madhiraju   [email protected]
Community&Youth – Swathi Atluri (Gundapuneedi)   [email protected]
IT Services – Srikanth Soudam    [email protected]


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