World Famous Lover Censor Report: MATAASH

By Satya Cine Feb. 10, 2020, 08:24 pm IST
World Famous Lover Censor Report: MATAASH

Vijay Deverakonda's latest outing 'World Famous Lover' is getting ready for the release on February 14, on the occasion of Valentine's Day. 

Today, it has completed its censor formalities and received U/A certification.   The run time of the movie is locked at 155 minutes. 

Whenever a film completes censor formalities, one would usually expect censor talk. If we have to tell you about it in a single word, it's Mataash.

Hey! Dont come to conclusions. As per the reliable sources, WFL is going to be one of the finest films in Vijay's career and all his earlier box office records will be 'mataash" (shattered) as per the information. 

"Records of Geeta Govindam and Arjun Reddy will be mataash. This is really good" said a censor board member off the record.

Though the movie is carrying less buzz before the release, it is going to mesmerize the audience as per them. The censor talk is going to be a shocker for many people sure.  Censor officials said to have muted a couple of cuss words in the film.

Vijay is seen daringly flaunting his lean physique without any six-pack in WFL posters, which can be termed as a daring attempt by any hero of contemporary times.

Vijay is going to flaunt his bare chest like a rowdy in a similar fashion after conquering the box office after the release as per the censor talk.

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