Why Pawan Kalyan Not Doing Ads?

By Satya Cine Feb. 08, 2020, 11:07 am IST
Why Pawan Kalyan Not Doing Ads?

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is one of the biggest stars of Telugu cinema and he commands a huge fan following.  There may be different opinions on his political journey and his achievements in the political arena but no one can deny his star power in films.  Pawan is making his re-entry and he has signed multiple films.  He has already started working on a couple of films.  The main reason behind his re-entry is nothing but earning money for sustenance.  Even Pawan supporters are saying that the source of income for Pawan is in films.

Surprisingly, there are different opinions on the same topic.  Irrespective of the common people's opinions, acting in a film is a tedious task.  That too acting in multiple films is a gigantic task and it will leave the actor exhausted.  The actor will have to sacrifice his personal life for the sake of his commitments.  There is a huge discussion going on in social media, especially Facebook, that it is not necessary for Pawan to strain himself in such a manner.  The netizens are of the opinion that Pawan one of the biggest Tollywood stars and he can earn more money with less effort through brand endorsements rather than working tirelessly in films sacrificing his personal life.

It is to be remembered that Pawan Kalyan endorsed Pepsi drink during the early days of his career. But that was for a short period and he has taken a conscious decision not to endorse any corporate brands for the sake of money.   Power Star's decision is really commendable. But he can really give it a thought to endorse brands like cars, laptops, mobile phones, and other products. Endorsing these brands will not be harmful to society as in the case of cool drinks. By doing so, he can literally mint money rather than doing multiple films.

All the heroes can't do the same because endorsing top-class brands requires huge stardom, reputation, and penetration into the market. Pawan has all these qualities as a star. While movies have a negative side like failures but advertisements will not have such things.  Netizens are saying that rather than endorsing corporate brands to earn huge money which requires much less time, Pawan is doing multiple films to strain himself.  It seems they have sound logic.  Will Power Star really take note of these wise opinions? 

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