Why More Brahmins In Music Industry?

By Satya Cine Jan. 27, 2020, 12:12 pm IST
Why More Brahmins In Music Industry?

Does the caste play vital role in choosing or excelling in any profession? Many sane minds of this 5G times may frown to this question. It's a wider belief and fact based on observation that it is all the passion and perseverance that makes any one to stride up in respective fields irrespective of caste, creed and race. But some observations say that barring some exceptions, it is the caste that plays its role in some professions. 

Even in this post 2020 era, we see the music industry is pervaded by Brahmin singers and lyricists in Tollywood. It doesn't mean that there are professionals from other castes in these crafts, but the majority is attributed to the Brahmin community. 

When asked for the reason, Ameya Bhargav, a student of genetics in Hyderabad opined, "The DNA factor comes into play to decode this phenomenon. For centuries, the passion for literature and classical music is nurtured by Brahmin community for professional reasons due to the social conditions of past bygone era. Vedic education, vedic recitation and conducting vedic rituals that involves singing the mantras in a specific pitch scale made the Brahmin DNA develop a natural affinity towards music in due course of time. Inclination towards literature is also due to the remnants of vedic education in their DNA. I think this is the answer to the question you asked. In fact, a detailed research needs to be done to find scientific answers". 

Partly contradicting the above, another student Santan Kumar said, "I partly agree. Music or literature is not the monopoly of those who get trained or those who carry the DNA. It comes in natural form even without formal academic education sometimes. It sprouts up among a few, making them natural poets or singers, even without the play of DNA. They grow up as exponents. Of course, as Ameya said the people with inbuilt interest, may be due to DNA factor or something else, will have an advantage in quick learning the nuances of the art form. May be due to this, we find Brahmins in more number in these art forms". 

The reason for the Brahmin pervasion in music industry can be found or discussed further either agreeing or contradicting the statements made by the students of genetics above. We may also discuss about some other professions where the DNA factor is seen predominantly. 
Disclaimer: This discussion is triggered only to understand the human abilities in terms of genetics and evolution but not to encourage any communal hatred. 

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