Where Is Rajamouli Factor For RX100?

By Satya Cine Feb. 26, 2020, 10:06 pm IST
Where Is Rajamouli Factor For RX100?

Filmmakers approach different routes to create hype on their films before the release.  Inviting star heroes, star directors to the promotional events is one of them.  There is a general opinion that the presence of stars in the promotional events will be helpful in increasing the opening collections.  Surprisingly, this logic doesn't hold good.  It is the content that decides the fate of the movie at the BO.  The presence of a huge star director like Rajamouli in the promotions doesn't fetch more collections.

Everybody knows the box office result of 'Mathu Vadalara' which was released last year.  Rajamouli's family members are part of this film.  Keeravani's son Simha made his debut as the hero, another son Kala Bhairava turned music director for this movie.  Rajamouli promoted the film, Prabhas also interviewed the hero to push the film. The audience ignored the film despite celebrity promotions.

If we take the case of 'RX100', the entire cast and crew are new. No stars were involved in the promotions.  There is a talk that no celebrity has shown interest to give a single byte for promoting this film.  In spite of these things, the movie went on to become a smashing hit at the box office.  Though some filmmakers believe that involving the stars in promotions will work in favor of the film it is nothing but an illusion. Ultimately it is the content that speaks and everything else is immaterial.

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